[beagleboard] Educated Noobie: Should i start with Arduino, or Beagle?

For the cost, a beaglebone black can do far more than any arduino platform i know of. However, they are completely different platforms. One is meant for embedded Llinux ( although technically the BBB does not need an OS ), where the other ( Arduino ) has no OS at all.

Neither one is a micro-controller. The beaglebone black is a single board computer, where the Arduino is an open source development board.

I suggest you read and learn more about the field before making up your mind. But the Beaglebone black is far superior in every way( except perhaps power consumption ). Not to mention they both cost about the same . . .

Anyway, I really do not know what else to say. Except that I could go on all day about how / why I like the beaglebone black, and how I dislike the Arduino platform in general. But I think this is something you need to explore on your own. I have my own reasons, and perhaps my reasons mean nothing to you.

first of all you are going to have to assess your needs. what do you really want to do? how close to real-time processing do you need to be? the arduino is actually more of an echosystem and a brand than any one board and it’s mostly tied together by the arduino IDE software. The arm processor used on the beagle is many times more powerful than the atmel atmega used on most of the arduinos, but arduino is soon to release an arm based platform that runs linux. the atmega is simpler and easier to understand for bare metal hard realtime tasks. the beagle bone has the PRU available for use for hard realtime tasks. really it’s what you want to do. both will do bare metal but arduino is easier in that respect. then again do you need that or would the ease of linux and a full os while using the pru for realtime tasks be sufficient and make your life easier. really it’s your choice.