[beagleboard] Essential reading

Hmmmmm. Any chance you can send this out, say once a week, as a constant reminder?


I believe that Gerald made a post in the last couple days that, along with these articles, is key to understanding the current state of software support on the BBB.

Essentially, TI has delayed their 'official' support of the 3.8.x kernel (at least in the Sitara devices, not sure about the rest) until later this year. Originally, the support was to coincide with the release of the BBB. Knowing this sheds quite a bit of light on the situation.

Device Tree is a good thing in the long term for certain and could be argued for the short term as well - it just carries with it a notable learning curve.

I agree on communication. But you need to ask Jason these questions. I have no answer for you.


Hi Gerald & Jason,

For GGrps admins there appears to be a privilege to set a topic with the “Sticky note” attribute ON. If so, may be a few sticky’s (or even just 1) could be setup, pointing to a wiki resource may be helpful. If members of this grp have some level of edit privilege on the wiki, folks can add their helpful hints there. For a variety of reasons, folks end up asking similar questions - but if there was one place (community editable to some extent) to go to and that is communicated well (1 sticky on top of this GGrp), it may decrease the burden on your teams and ease the communication issue.

btw, thanks again, for all your yeoman efforts.
Y’all conduct yourself so professionally and are always helpful, especially dealing with newbies like myself. It would be helpful to all, if we could all give back in the way of some documentation…


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t believe this isn’t in Gerald’s signature or something. Suddenly everything makes a lot more sense.

Does this mean there’s hope that there will be device drivers for all the peripherals? timers, ecap, (official) pwm driver, etc?


I dug for a while to find the exact comment Gerald made and I might have misunderstood the context. He might have only been referring to OpenGL and/or various graphics driver related support.

Either way, it’s clear that various aspects of the software are lacking maturity and it’s also clear (if you dig in mailing lists and github) that a lot of work is going into improving things.

I’ll let Gerald clarify if he feels it’s necessary. My apologies if I created confusion by not reading carefully.

3.8 Kernel was definitely was reset. While it has promise of good things in the future, right now there is much pain. This is what is called the “Bloodiest Edge”’

We had a mature Kernel in 3.2. The 3.8 Kernel is having trouble getting out of the diapers!