[beagleboard] Fedora & Debian

Prior to purchasing a Beagleboard, I reviewed what
Linux OS is available. Fedora 17 download for
BeagleBoard-xM at
They do not have a Fedora release for the original
2009 Beagleboard.
I found a Fedora 13 download for the original
Beagleboard. An individual who wanted to upgrade
from Fedora 13 to 15, offered his own download at
01267.html. I could not find any download for
Fedora 17.

Your looking way too far back in the archive.. Take a look at the
announcement last week..


What is the most recent release of Debian for the
original Beagleboard? Debian Squeeze is mentioned

Well "offically" Squeeze is the latest released version of Debian...
Wheezy's up for freeze in a month or to, and maybe a release way later
this year..

at http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardDebian but is it
for both BeagleBoards or just BeagleBoard xM?

This was answered for you on the wiki you just linked too, along with
3 other none "BeagleBoard" boards..

I am concerned that with either BeagleBoard that I
will buy that several years from now, no current
release of Fedora or Debian will be available. Are
users stuck with the OS release that was developed
the year the board was developed?

Why are you concerned? Are you not planning to give back to the
community? Support is via the community and the only way these
'distributions' support all these boards is with the community's