[beagleboard] First experience with BB

I just got an used board and I'm trying to get something out of it :wink:
I plugged power, connected monitor, but nothing at all is displayed on it.
No bios nor anything else.

There is no bios... Depending on what board you have, it can either
boot off nand or directly off the SD card.. So which board do you
have? Model number is pretty important..

The board I got had no SD-card at all, so I'm tring to create some system
for it. So far i tried Ubuntu with no success, now I'm building the Angstrom
distro to test.

Which Ubuntu release? Exact file name of the download please.. Some
have support for all boards, some have very limited support..

In the meantime I also get a null modem serial cable, is that the expected
behavior? i mean, there's no bios screen at all when booting without proper
system on SD card?