Beagleboard for Beginners: Basic guide to make the BB fully functional.

Hey Guys I found this awesome guide that breaks down the beagleboard
for you all the way from out of the box to how to compile code on the
Angstrom distro. Its not mine but I want to share it on this forum
because as a beginner I frequent this group a lot to find useful
information on the board, so hopefully it helps other newbies move a
long with their beagleboard. Its a real find.

Good luck to all on their beagleboard endeavors.

Cheers! This will help a TON!!

Cheers! This will help a TON!!

Perhaps updating the wiki or with this information (updated for all revs.) would be useful?

I’ll take a stab at it shortly.

How can one edit those wikis? Do you have to have special

Another pdf I found, should be helpful if all beginner guides can be
found from one location.