Beagleboard for sell to Europe

Hi guys,

I'm selling my Beagleboard-xM (Rev. B) INCLUDING 5V power suplier AND
HDMI to DVI-D 18+1 cable, buyed from Wetterott at 03/2011.

I switched on only 3-4 times in order to try it but due to lack of
time I never used it!

So I decided to sell it instead leave it "under the mattress".

I sell: it for 100EUR
- Beagleboard-xM (Rev. B) PLUS
- 5V power suplier PLUS
- HDMI to DVI-D 18+1 cable

Shipped from Italy to Europe.

If someone is intrested please contact me. Thanks

The power supply is a 220V to 5V and outputs 1.6A @ 5V.

The board was SOLD!