[beagleboard] FW: Get hands-on training with the new BeagleBoard-xM

I believe this is of general BeagleBoard interest… (this is your first chance to get an xM board)

Get hands-on training with the new BeagleBoard**-xM****, June 7-8 at ESC Chicago**



image003.jpgAttend ESC Chicago, June 7 & 8, and get hands-on interactive training with the new BeagleBoard-xM and talk with industry experts as they give you all of the hardware, boot, and kernel basics required to start development immediately. Attendees will learn how to engage with the BeagleBoard developer community, as well as how to obtain and utilize the source code projects most fundamental to the boards functionality.

For those actively developing there will be targeted classes available addressing:

  • Streaming media
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Embedded Linux
  • Android development for non-handset designs

Register Now for ESC Chicago

Sessions and kits are FREE to registered BeagleBoard workshop attendees. Arrive early, as space and board availability is limited.

Come and experiment with the BeagleBoard-xM to see what new ideas it sparks in you.

For more information or to order a BeagleBoard, please visit www.beagleboard.org
Click here to register for BeagleBoard classes at ESC Chicago.






If my son didn't have arrived 4 days ago, I would definitely fly all the
way from Brazil to Chicago to watch the ESC.
I just hope we can get some xMs ASAP and the presentation will be
repeated some time later on.