BeagleBoard Google+ community ported to makerforums

I ported the Google+ community to — almost 2000 Google+ posts with lots of good Beagle content (and, I think, no puppy mill spam) has been preserved for the future.

Lots of other Google+ communities already landed there, to the tune of over 50,000 Google+ posts.

When you go to makerforums, you can just log in “with Google” instead of creating a new account. Use the same account you have used to log into Google+, and you’ll be recognized as the owner of content that you posted on Google+, and you can continue to edit it as you could have on Google+.

New conversation is welcomed there. It’s an active and living community, not just a historical archive. It is intended to fill the role that the Google+ community has filled in the past, but that it won’t be available for in the future. Like the Google+ community, it’s open to discussion of the whole Beagle ecosystem — boards, bones, capes, and all.

I posted about this on Google+, but anyone who doesn’t happen to read the message in the next few days would miss it, so it seems useful to post here too. :relaxed: