BeagleBoard Green showing Not Connected


I just got the Beagle Bone Green Kit ( and trying to connect it to my MacBook (10.11.2). I already installed FTDI (EnergiaFTDIDrivers2.2.18) and RNDIS Drivers (HoRNDIS), however I still see that the board is disconnected in the Network panel. Attaching the screenshot for the same. Can anyone guide me on what am I missing here?


I’m not much of a Mac user, but I have similar issues on Linux with both BBB and BBG. The usb “gadget” startup seems “flaky”. What usually works for me if the usb gadget doesn’t start on boot: I press and hold the powerbutton on the board and force a powerdown. Then I press it again to do a cold start. This usually works, but some times requires multiple cycles.

I’m assuming that the MSDOS partition mounts on your Mac as a usb “thumbdrive” would, (otherwise how did you install the drivers?). If not, I suspect something is wrong with the driver installation.

Have you rebooted you Mac after installing the drivers?