BeagleBoard Grove Kit - Pocket Beagle Losing Power When Plugged into Assembly

I am a student, trying to learn embedded linux programming with the BeagleBoard Grove kit ( - Grove). I have two of these kits, and am having the same issues on both of them.

The PocketBeagle itself works fine as long as it is standalone and plugged in to the computer via micro-USB. It has the recommended Linux image flashed onto it’s micro-SD card, and can run programs through Cloud9 while plugged in this way.

The problems start when I plug the PocketBeagle into the adapter board on the Grove kit. Plugging the micro-USB into the PocketBeagle to power it while it is plugged into the assembly results in nothing happening. No lights will power on the Grove kit or PocketBeagle, it is not recognized on my Windows machine, nothing at all happens.

When I plug the PocketBeagle, by itself, into my computer first, let it connect and Cloud9 connect, and THEN plug it into the assembly: Sometimes the assembly (LED light and LCD screen) will light up along with the PocketBeagle having lights too; Sometimes the PocketBeagles lights turn off and nothing happens in the assembly, but EVERY time the computer and Cloud9 will lose connection to the PocketBeagle and will not reconnect.

I have tried researching these issues online but haven’t found anything like the issues I am having. Our professor reached out to their contact with BeagleBoard, who hadn’t heard of issues like this and referred us to this board. Has anyone had issues like this with the Grove kit, and if so were you able to resolve them?

the cape and pb are tied to the same power supply connection so do not apply power from two sources. Are you using the same mini usb connection to the pb when on the cape to supply power.

also check power on pb. Your USB source may not be providing adequate current for both the beagle and the cape. Try placing a USB hub between the computer and the pb. Some times older pc’s share power with multiple USB ports, try placing other USB devices on a hub. Check current specs on your pc ou USB ports

I have the grove kit. No issues with mine. First check if any bent pins on connectors. Make sure the pb is seated firmly. Be careful on pressure and where you press connectors. Measure supply voltage on cape when seated. Examine the cape thoroughly for any solder bridges, wire whiskers, etc.

I’ve seen a few of these in our RMA department, if the PocketBeagle is fully plugged in and no led turns on when appling power, it looks like the base adapter board had a bad solder connection. Please call/email your place of purchase and do an RMA asap…