[beagleboard-gsoc] BoneScript web pages with live-running examples and documentation Questions

Hi Andrew

I think you were talking to me, Jason.

I am leaving the questions we talked in the morning.

*Question#1* Are we putting all of this into the bone101 repo at
*My Answer:* The answer should be yes. Sometimes user delete code from
their accounts and the doc is going to look ugly, This way we can hava a

This is what I suggest. We could be doing it all on a live site, but I
think just managing it in a git repo is better for quality control and

*Question#2:* Are people using git pull requests to ask for their project
to be included in the main repository?
*My Answer: *It will be a good idea, I am just a normal git user what
will you recommend in this?

I believe walking users through this process will be the best way to go:
* Help user make local changes on a clone of
http://github.com/beagleboard/bone101 in /var/lib/cloud9 as it will ship on
BeagleBone's running the new Debian image. (This will be the main part of
the application you create.)
* Help user setup github.com account, push their local changes to that
account and create a pull request to merge their changes into the main
repository. (This will still be guided by the application you create.)
* Review and merge change requests from users into the main
http://github.com/beagleboard/bone101 repository. (This will be done
manually by me and community review.)
* Push a copy of that repository to the live
BeagleBoard.org - BoneScript pages for other people to see.
(Another manual step by me.)

*Question#3:* Do projects become live visible to the world immediately
when a user posts them?
*My Answer: *Need to confirm this info with instructor

I suggest no.

*Question#4:* Are we putting it straight up on the live beagleboard.orgwebsite?
*My Answer:*Need to confirm this info with instructor. I am guessing
beagle board is going to provide a database connection for saving the
information and a server for testing? If not I have to look for a free
solution while the development.

The HTML files in the git repository are the database. We can add templates
and other features to make it more easy to manage. I'd like to avoid having
a real database. Eventually, the content should go live to
beagleboard.orgwhen it is approved rather than going live immediately.
It would be great
to provide a mechanism to enable users to host it on something like
github.io as coming from their own account. I will look into this.

*Question#5: *If there is going to be need a special person who approves
documentation, I need to created a user hierarchy for this. *My Answer: *Could
you provide the complete hierarchy. Right now I am including the Admin
user, Approve user, Normal user. What other special roles will this users

Just using github.com for user management seems far simpler to me.

*Question#6: Special frameworks?*
My Answer: I am planning to work with nodejs. With the express framework.
(I am not a node developer, but I have start my learning process, and I am
quite impress with what I can do)The bonescript library.

BoneScript includes a webserver using express and this will be used to host
the content from the board:

I bought this template last year for a college project.
http://themeforest.net/item/gebo-admin-responsive-template/2440015 . Is
there any problem is I used it?

Depends on what the license is. We don't want any non-free content.

Diego and all,

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Hi Jason
I am working in the application right now.
Just as brief history. How big do you consider the Beagle Board Community?
As big as the Arduino or RPI?

Hi Jason
I am working in the application right now.
Just as brief history. How big do you consider the Beagle Board Community?
As big as the Arduino or RPI?

Not as big, but more focused on enabling all ARM/Linux developers. I’d say we have closer ties to the Linux community and try to encourage more upstream development. In terms of board volumes, we are around 250,000 boards in the wild. In terms of impact, we’ve paved the way for many other projects.