[beagleboard-gsoc] Re: BeagleBoard xMs for GSOC participants

I haven’t received any - A not a GSOC T-shirt either?

Does anybody else have received their T-shirts from Google?


Hi Søren,

I did receive my GSOC shirt from Google... it's a little big for a
medium, but I wear it religiously now :slight_smile:



I got my GSoC t-shirt from Google (and yes, even the S is slightly too
big for me as well :)) towards the end of September, though I didn't
get any notifications if the Beagle GSoC t-shirts or the xM's were


Hi all,

Same here, got the Google T-shirt, but haven't heard about BeagleBoard
goodies either.



Hi all,
Happy new year!
Got the Google shirt but havent heard about xM or beagleboard goodies.


Does Clint have all of the addresses for these folks?


All (students and mentors) please send me your current shipping addresses (again to be sure it’ll work in the next couple of weeks).

Koen Kooi
Bruggenmorsweg 137
7521ZT Enschede
The Netherlands

phone: +31619260390

Sorry, I wasn't clear. Please use the http://tinyurl.com/givebb URL
to provide the address. If your address hasn't changed since the date
it was entered, there is no need to update. I will submit to Clint by
tomorrow morning to give folks a chance to update.

I have entries for:
11/16/2010 8:03:39 Koen Kooi
11/16/2010 16:22:12 Jeff Osier-Mixon
11/16/2010 17:25:19 Christopher Friedt
11/16/2010 17:33:20 Pramod Poudel
11/16/2010 17:46:52 Cristina Murillo Miranda
11/16/2010 17:59:25 Tobias Arrskog
11/16/2010 18:11:00 Søren Steen Christensen
11/16/2010 21:40:36 Michael Zucchi
11/16/2010 22:44:48 Katie Roberts-Hoffman
11/17/2010 5:58:14 Nicolas Boichat
11/17/2010 6:54:55 Vladimir Pantelic
11/17/2010 7:09:48 Varun Jewalikar
11/17/2010 7:26:03 Yaman Umuroglu
11/17/2010 19:38:45 Luis Gustavo Lira
11/18/2010 2:25:11 Hunyue Yau
11/22/2010 4:49:13 Felipe Balbi
12/1/2010 5:51:11 Mans Rullgard