[beagleboard-gsoc] Weekly meeting 2010-05-24 (first day of coding)


    * Links to repositories and blogs.
    * Weekly reports.
    * Reminders and Google Calendar.
    * Boards and equipment.
    * Coding style.

Attendees - Mentors
    * koen
    * jkridner
    * eFfeM
    * cmurillo
    * Jefro
    * Crofton
    * mru
    * av500
    * notzed

Attendees - Students
    * topfs2
    * maltanar
    * drinkcat
    * ppoudel

    * Students should create a wiki page for each project with the
location of their blog, source repository, bug tracker, and build/test

    * Issues/ideas should be blogged when encountered and discussed
with the mentors, folks on #beagle, etc., rather than waiting for the
weekly report.
    * Weekly reports should include roughly 2 or 3 of each:
          o Status or accomplishments
          o Plans or tasks
          o Risks or issues or blockers
    * Message should be "I've stepped back and looked where I'm at in
my project and here is where I need to focus and where I need help."
    * Deadline is before the weekly all-hands meeting

    * jkridner to work with Jefro and drinkcat on making a better
public calendar.
          o Best calendar link is now

    * ppoudel has a board.
    * maltanar has a board.
    * topfs2 is expecting his board very soon. Needs a serial adapter
and cable.
    * varun does not have a board.
    * drinkcat should have a board by tomorrow.
    * cfriedt did not attend.

    * Use one and be consistent. Better consistent than "right".
    * Discuss coding style with your mentors.

    * jkridner: register #beagleboard-gsoc channel
    * jkridner: create a beagleboard-gsoc-specific feed and use it to
send e-mails of the weekly reports to beagleboard-gsoc mailing list
    * Jefro: coordinate project documentation requirements with
    * students: create source repo links and links to build
instructions at BeagleBoard/GSoC/2010_Projects per Jefro