Beagleboard hardware suggestions


Insert a PoE ieee 802.3at/af controller: e.g. or and a
separate DC-to-DC-converter - and the right "RJ-45"/8P8C plug with
transformers, that support PoE. Purpose: Power from switch/PoE-

I do not think such a PoE-transformer-plug is expensive?


I think a the power circuit on the board could benefit of a redesign.
E.g. a bidirectional SMPS-converter between a rechargeable battery
(LSD NiMH A123Systems 3.2V 2.3Ah), PoE and USB power.


Possibility of IR RC5 receiver - and VLSI VS1053 audio ? Maybe even
via the HDMI?

As in:

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Thank you for your suggestions!

POE is not something that fits into the scope of where we are targeting. There is a board that does have POE on it called the CraneBoard that does have a Cortex A8 processor in it. You might check that out.

A battery is also something that we intentional left out due the the complexities of batteries and the inability to control their use from a liability standpoint. There are some add-on boards out there that have battery support for Beagle, but is is not something that we plan to adopt.

Putting audio on the HDMI connector which is not actually true HDMI because there is no encryption being done, does provide a level of complication and confusion that we decided way back as something that we did not want to get into.

One of our goals here is to keep the cost down and only add features that we can afford and that have an overwhelming need from the community. If both those are met, then we will consider adding them to the design… If we included every asked for feature, we would not be able to sell the boards at the price we do.

The other aspect of all this is that we have already made our final planned changes to the Rev C4 and we have no plans for any more changes on that board. This also applies to the -xM version as well. Production is in full swing and making changes like this will definitely interrupt production, something we are working hard to ramp up as high as we can get it as soon as we can.

Thanks again!


Glenn wrote:


Possibility of IR RC5 receiver - and VLSI VS1053 audio ? Maybe even
via the HDMI?

why would one add a dedicated audio decoder IC to a CPU that is
more than capable of decoding all that? Not even to mention
that in order to use that IC would need to
approach several patent licensing bodies and pay significant

You can use something like with an beagleboard today :slight_smile: