Beagleboard Hardware XM - TPS65950 Temperature

Hi everybody! I have a problem with the PMU of my Beagleboard XM rev. C. When I connect the power by the OTG port, the TPS65950 gets extremely hot.

I don´t know if it’s normal, but the temperature is above 50ºC, and when I touched it, it burned my finger :frowning:

Did someone have this problem?

Please, can someone help me?


If you hold you finger on it, the longer you hold it the hotter your finger will get. My suggestion is that you not do that. It generally runs between 45 and 50 degrees C. As long as the board is operating correctly, you have no issue. If you like just like to do this, you can also try the same thing on the processor and the USB HUB on the board. They get warm as well. But, I suggest that you not leave it on there for a long time!


2011/9/17 Ariel Hernández <>

hahahahahaha… good advice Gerald!! I won’t do that NEVER again!! LOL! I just need to know if that behavior is normal!
The temperature got up to 50ºC because I unplugged it, otherwise I think that it would have reach higher temperature!!
It was connected to the OTG USB, now I’ll try with an external power source.
Thanks Gerald


2011/9/17 Gerald Coley <>

This temperature is normal.


2011/9/17 Ariel Hernández <>