[beagleboard] how can I contact the admins of this group?

Admins are not here to help with PHD projects. Feel free to ask the community any questions you like and accept any free advice they are willing to offer and say thank you. It is after all your PHD project and not theirs.


Hi Gerald,
the question is not actually about beaglebone black project itself. I need a beaglebone black mailing list archive in order to do social network analysis. I cannot directly download all data in original format (with heads). I assume may be the admin of the groups can help me for this trouble.

23 Aralık 2016 Cuma 12:52:24 UTC tarihinde Gerald yazdı:

As the admin that is not something I am willing to do. You can go to the main forum page and cut and paste whatever you like that is of interest. You may be able to find archives stored in various places as their are groups that will archive the mailing list.


Talk to support@google.com , it's their archive.

Good Luck...


I have no intention to release the list for research. Period. Google and various admins have access, but none will be interested in providing it. It just isn't something the list users expect to happen.