[beagleboard] How do I install Ubuntu with video output ?


I'm looking forward to install Ubuntu on my BeagleBone, I own a DVI-Cape and
I would like to use my BeagleBone with a screen. I have no problem
installing Angstrom and get a video output.
I tried several tutorials, especially this one :
BeagleBoardUbuntu - eLinux.org

Most of the time I end up with a SD card with one parition (boot) that
works, but no Ubuntu on it. (NetInstall)

That's because the "netinstall" assumes your install over serial
first, then once installed video will work on the following reboot

Anywho, I just pushed:

so give a try.
sudo ./mk_mmc.sh --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot bone-video --distro wheezy-armhf
(or any other distro)

No promises the video will light up, as it depends if your cape has support in

Would you be so kind as to explain me step by step how to install Ubuntu
with video output ? I would like Ubuntu 12.04 or greater.


Installation feedback : everything ran fine !! Thanks a lot for your support

Details :
BeagleBone Rev A6a
DVI-Cape : tigal.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com

On my computer :
- Insert SD card (no need to format it) : umount /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2 (umount
all partitions)
- git clone GitHub - RobertCNelson/netinstall: Network Install for a bunch of arm boards && cd netinstall
- sudo ./mk_mmc.sh --mmc /dev/sdb --uboot bone-video --distro precise-armhf
- When the script is done, remove the SD card

Put the SD card in the BeagleBone, power it (do not use USB) and follow the
instructions. More detail
Slight Delay: even up to 5 Minutes : Took 20 minutes on my BeagleBone, be

Thanks i just updated the note in the netinstall script.. I've
noticed this too that this delay is getting longer, either ubuntu's
servers are getting slower, or something else is going on..

Basically in the background, ubuntu is trying very very hard to match
up a kernel to the device it thinks it has detected, so it's actively
downloading/searching a few files, essentially in the end it gives up
without finding any matches.. After which my scripts take over and
patch in our "kernel" such that the install will complete

I let the default partitioning
I have chosen SSH server + LXDE desktop applications.
Running: rcn-ee-finish-install-device... has been very long too.

Yeap, this last script can take some time, as it is 'fixing' the
image, (ubuntu likes to make a few assumptions and override everything
from the bootloader to the kernel) so as a safety measure we basically
rebuild the boot partition again (correct bootloader/kernel) to ensure
it boots with our image.

After reboot, the BeagleBone boots Ubuntu 12.04 with LXDE desktop. Its damn
slow to boot, I don't know why.

With only 256Mb, the beaglebone is a little memory limited...

Hope it helps newbies... bye