[beagleboard] How Do I Kick Start Myself Back To Beagleboard Work?

Several family and career events have sidetracked me from the Beagleboard action for a while now. Now I want to go right back to working with my Beagleboard C4.

What is the easiest way to restart myself and get the Beagle running? From scanning emails quickly it looks like there is a new demo image available with new capabilities. But I have to reflash the nand, am I correct?

I would also like to download the latest angstrom stable code and compile that with openembedded. Is there a particular how-to guide I should follow for that?


Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Take a look here for the latest Angstrom image:

For some other things like Android and OE take a look here:

Its probably worth reflashing (or just erasing) your NAND as old U-Boot versions will cause problems with newer kernels. I had this problem after I’d been away from my Beagle for a while :]

There's also narcissus for building a customised angstrom image, which
is what I used when I was in a similar situation. Not that I managed
to get back into it after getting it going.

You don't necessarily need to reflash MLO/x-loader into the nand as it
will just use the SD card one if present, although it isn't
particularly hard if you want to and easy to find info about it.