[beagleboard] How do I restore bootargs and bootcmd to their original values?

To start I just purchased a Rev C4 board.

I put Angstrom on it using the online builder at their website by
copying the image with dd and then untaring the rootfs.

When I put it in the BeagleBoard and powered it on with the USER
button held down it booted up like a charm. However I wanted to make
it boot from the SD Card automatically so I followed the steps from
section IV from http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/HowToGetAngstromRunning.

Now my SD Card will not boot. Is there any way to get the bootargs and
bootcmd back to their default values or where can I find those values?

Thanks for your time.

Search the archives of this mailing list - it's been mentioned plenty
of times. Basically just erase the nand where the config lives and
u-boot will take it's defaults.

Be wary of documents on the net, a lot of them are out of date wrt the
latest hardware and software.

Here you have an article describing steps you need to take to recover
your BB.

the easiest way is:

In uboot do:

nand erase 260000 20000 ; reset

2010/4/21 Robak <robakk@gmail.com>