[beagleboard] How to boot beagleboard xM Rev C?

There seems to be a problem with the BB-xM Rev C boards, in that none of the recipes for making bootable microSD cards work. Jeff? on May 16th said he had the same problem. I also have this same problem.

RobotDude (Allan?) said to go to

I did that. (Having tried everything else) I made a bootable microSD card by going here:

I went to where it said “BeagleBoard-xM Rev C” and downloaded the BeagleBoard-xM xMTEST_Beta_4_25

It says to use 'zcat BeagleboardxM/xMc_4_25.zip | dd of=/dev/your/sd/card bs=8225280"
but that didn’t work for me. zcat was complaining the file wasn’t the right compression, and I didn’t get the file in a BeagleboardxM directory. I suspect it is because I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 on my BIG computer (not the Beagleboard-xM)

So I unzipped the xMc_4_25.zip file, got the xMc_4_25.img file, (which is 3.7 Gb in size) and then used

sudo dd if=xMc_4_25.img of=/dev/sdg bs=822528

Where /dev/sdg was my 8 Gb microSD card that I wanted to make into a boot card.

After a LONG time, it finished with
480+0 records in
480+0 records out
3948134400 bytes (3.9 GB) copied, 1280.22 s, 3.1 MB/s

Popped the new card into my BB-xM Rev C, and voila! It boots to Ubuntu! This is Joy! I can now make my own Boot cards!!

But Much to my disappointment, no gcc.

I was hoping to make a Linux From Scratch to get exactly what I wanted. Can’t do that without gcc! I need to either cross compile a gcc or find the appropriate binary image.

I hope this helps

Steve Lajoie

It's there, just use the native package manager to install it from the repo..

Angstrom: opkg
Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get