[beagleboard] How to enable NEON instruction on ubuntu 12.04 in order to use it for improving performance of c?

rajan buha wrote:

    hello everyone,
                              people am currently working on programming with c efficiently on ARMv7 processor using
Ubuntu 12.04
and GCC compiler i am getting very poor performance on that.
                              so i am thinking of using NEON support for c.
                              but i don't know how to use those neon intrinsics in my code also it is showing that *to
use arm_neon.h library function you need to enable neon instructions *
*can anyone suggest me how to do that???*
*another question is that upto what extent we can get performance out of ARM processor on beagleboard using C as
programming language ???*

don't use intrinsics, write the performance critical stuff
in ARM assembly, using NEON instructions.

See existing projects like FFmpeg/libav or pixman for