[beagleboard] how to install ARM c compiler in Ubuntu 12.04 i am not able to find any package containing armcc ???

sudo apt-get install gcc



I believe this gcc package for Ubuntu do not cross-compile for ARM. Am I wrong?


I like to generate my own toolchain with Crosstool-ng or buildroot but it is a lot easier you download one from Codesourcery, Yocto and maybe Angstron have one toolchain available (need to check).

Generally they are distributed in .tar.gz and not .deb package. Uncompress it where you find useful (I like /opt/toolchains/some-name-for-the-toolchain) and add it to your PATH environment before start compilation. This way you can keep different toolchains (based on different libC or different gcc versions for each platform target you develop).


Download the tool chain on ur linux machine

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

now u can see all the available toolchains by typing arm and tab.

select one compiler among

compile your source code with the cross compiler given above "USAGE: arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc ‘file name’ ".
Now send your object file on to BBB using SCP protocol.
SCP and SSH are inbuilt for Linux machines.

scp filename username(root)@ path where you want to run the code

Parikshit Kesavaraju.