[[beagleboard] How to test S-video after booting with Angstrom from Koen's Demo images?]

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2. How do I open e17 window manager, abiword, xterm (x11 or so) and all
the pre-build applications like the one on Koen's demo page?
maybe I misunderstand something?

Do you have an LCD monitor connected to the HDMI port of the
Beagleboard? This is necessary to view the Angstrom GUI. From the
information you posted, it looks like you logged in through the serial

Thanks for pointing out.

After connect a projector to the DVI-D port, all I can see from the projector screen are :

I am very interested in this as well. I am having a similar problem, but am unsure if it is a problem with angstrom or if I am not supplying enough power to my usb hub. Board doesn’t boot when hub is plugged in, which leads me to believe it is the hub. I have supplied the hub with 3.7V of power and have a usb keyboard attached.



I am using Angstrom as well without any problems. But I have the
impression that the USB-setup is critical.

I had the bestresults with adapters like that:
(german amazon page)

Good luck!

Hi Robert,
Could you tell me what do you see from the the DVI-D display after booting from Angtstrom?
(Are you buiding Angstrom yourself or from Koen’s demo? exactly which version, please?)

I’m using files from demo: Mine was displaying a keyboard (look like for touchscreen build or so … maybe I’m wrong) Just want to narrow down the problem I got. The USB hub I got is self-power with 5V DC 1A adapter. I will try to replace the mini USB B with A type to see if it fixes the problem (haven’t ordered one yet) My first goal is just try to compile a C hello-program under Angstrom linux from beagle board. What else do I need to do so? howto? Maybe I need to build Angstrom myself? Any simple comments from anyone are very much appreciated!!! Thanks, -Hung Robert Kuhn wrote:


The username / password screen with the keyboard on screen is
correct. The reason the Keyboard and Mouse are not working is that
you need to plug a "USB-Mini-A" into the OTG socket on the Beagle in
order for the Beagle to be the Host. Once you do that, then you'll be
able to create a new user and log into the DVI-D monitors shell. Once
you're in, you can set up your desktop and get everything else

There are a few different vendors of cables / adapters with Mini-A --
but it's very unlikely that anything you already have will work.
About 99% of the cables out there with mini-male ends are actually
mini-B-males. Usually, your USB Hub has either a USB-Standard-B or
USB-Mini-B socket on it for the cable from the USB Hub to the Host
Computer. And usually, your USB Hub comes with a USB-(either size)-B
to USB-Standard-A-Male cable. So I use a USB-Standard-A-Female to USB-
Mini-A-Male adapter along with the cable from the Hub, and all works

Best regards,

Thanks Geof for the confirmation and clarification.
Since I don’t have an A-type mini USB available, I have shorted pin 4 and 5 in both mini USB receptors
(one from my USB hub and one from the beagle board). And finally the keyboard and mouse are working :-).

Best regards,

Geof Cohler wrote: