beagleboard in europe

Jason Kridner skrev:

Can you please make queries through the mailing list?

sorry, asked at the chat but no response :frowning:

Sometimes you must wait or ask multiple times.


I'm developing a embedded product, and I fell over the beagle board, it seems like a good choise, how ever i need to make, some changes to the pcb.

I have tried to download the hardware design documentation, but with no luck. Because I get a access denied error return. Are there a svn repository with the newest layout? ?

Site could have had an issue when you tried. Can you try again? There is no SVN, just .zip files for release versions.

It works again, thx.

Secondly I would like to buy a beagle board, before going further, but I can't buy it through digikey, is there an alternative.

There is no alternative today. Cranes is reselling some boards in India, but I'm not aware of anyone else doing that. Is there a reason you cannot buy through Digi-Key?

Yes, "US export regulations" for some reason they don't export this to Denmark or other EU countrys. But I'll just need to work a lot more with them and get the permission.

I will follow-up with Digi-Key. Thank you for being as specific as saying "Denmark", but more details are desired. I know that Digi-Key has shipped to multiple EU countries, so I'd like to know who you spoke to at Digi-Key.

I noticed that you didn't have the Altium version of your schematics, if you are interested, and it works I could create these for you.

I'm interested in an Altium version of the schematics. There was one other person who talked about doing this, but I haven't gotten a version yet. Thanks!