[beagleboard] Is There a way to build graphic apps with BBone Black?

Well, since the BBB is running linux, well any "gui" demo should work,
as long as you have the lib/etc installed..


ohh sorry… let me be more specific… I want to know if there is a way for me to create an application that generates graphics… let’s say a moving circle or line inside a window… my BBone Black is running Angstrom… thanks!

yes - I would start with gtk as it is very simple to get going and you can carry on from there. Example


and here opencv gui example - note I used the xfce desktop with angstrom in case you come across strange windowing problems…


gtk tutorials


I prefer Qt. You do your design + development on a PC, and target the BBB for the application.

Hi Ben… thanks for the reply…

I saw your video earlier this week… really cool stuff… I saw that you mentioned using ArchLinux + XFCE on your vidro… I was able to flash ArchLinux to a microSD card… boot BBB with it… it had just a console… then I got lost trying to install the Windows Manager (I am new to Linux/BBB/Coding ) … you say here that you used Angstrom with XFCE desktop?.. how did you do that?.. also… can I use GTK with the stock Angstrom BBB ? … I am not planning on playing with OpenCV or anything fancy yet… Thanks much!!

A lot of that stuff is pretty easy in Javascript these days too. Your “GUI” could be just a Chromium browser full screen and your app could just be HTML5/CSS/Javascript pages stored in some directory. Check out http://raphaeljs.com/ http://d3js.org/ or http://ocanvas.org/

The other cool thing about that is you could then just serve it with a plain webserver to others, and if they can talk to the Beaglebone through a network, your GUI could work on every other OS platform.

Just a thought, good luck!

I describe what I did to get angstrom working with gtk - same steps for opencv