[beagleboard] Just bough the A6 bone. Comments.


I notice Beagleboard powered by USB is sometimes iffy re: mA
requirements. Not sure about the bone. May look into underclocking.
Could be an enhancement as a script for Angstrom etc

Bone's bootup takes care of this for you. The kernel will limit the
clock speed if on USB to reduce power consumption in order to abide by
the USB power requirements most PCs use.

Power via some 3.7v mobile phone batteries would be cheap but an
external USB portable supply and solar sounds much more interesting -
those sort of projects where a Beaglebone makes a lot of sense. I
don't understand why you'd use the battery cape.

The battery cape, the one with the AA cells on it, outputs 5 V, thus
your USB will work. Powering from a 3.7 V lithium cell puts 3.7 V on
the USB power bus, which many USB devices don't like. Granted, if
you're not using USB it's not that big of a deal since everything else