Beagleboard kernel customization, overlays, etc.


I'm new to OpenEmbedded, however I have worked as an an embedded Linux
developer for several years. Something that has struck me more than
once over the week since I started using it, is that constructing
overlays for kernel hacks (i.e. editing board.c), adding new modules,
is awkward.

One thing I've been battling with is how to build the kernel on it's
own, using the default configuration for x11-config? Then, if I wish
to run menuconfig, how do I know my configuration won't be overwritten
the next time I do a git pull?

I'm sure this is partly because I'm new to OE, but also partly because
there are so many pages on the web where people provide contradicting

I'd be really grateful of someone could point me towards a guide for
customizing Linux for the Beagleboard using OE and Bitbake.

Many thanks,


I would suggest you the way I used, as your are familiar with kernel compilation, you can use your commands instead of open embedded scripts.

The kernel which is used for BB is pointed in *.bb files located under $OEHOME/openembedded/receipes/linux. You can use the one for BB and it this file the path for kernel and patches are pointed. You should first download the kernel and apply patches. Then you are free to go …

I hope this helps,

Best Regards,