[beagleboard] Kernel not booting

Dear all,

I wanted to patch a kernel so that I could use LTTng
(Linux Trace Toolkit).

However before patching I wanted to see whether I could actually
compile a kernel using just the linux-source on the board itself.

From the board I downloaded linux-source-2.6.31 using sudo apt-get
install into /usr/src

Then I did:

sudo make clean
sudo make mrproper

I copied the configuration file of the current kernel in /boot to /usr/

Then I did sudo make menuconfig, and Load Alternate Configuration. I
ensured that the OMAP and BeagleBoard-specific configurations were in
place, and didn't make any changes.

I decided to create a .deb file, so that I could later use rootstock
to get a rootfs and vmlinuz.

So I did:

sudo make-kpkg clean
sudo fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-custom
kernel_image kernel_headers

After about 4 hours, I got two .deb packages in /usr/src.

Since rootstock only accepts .deb images with the --kernel-image
parameter that are located at some website (http), I used lighttp and
copied the kernel image .deb to /var/www/kernel_image/, such that the
rootstock command became:

sudo rootstock --fqdn beagleboard --login ubuntu --password temppwd --
imagesize 2G --seed wget --dist karmic --serial ttyS2 --kernel-image

I then ended up with armel-rootfs-201005140928.tgz and a vmlinuz file,
which I copied to the various partitions on another SD Card after
doing mkimage etc. just as I had done for the current working kernel.

However, on switching on the beagle board, it hangs forever at

kernel ...


Can any of you please suggest what is going wrong, or an alternative
way of getting a kernel running after compiling from source?

Thanks for your attention,



Could you kindly give me the command to apply the patch-set? I assume
it should be done at the very beginning before make menuconfig..




patch -p1 < /dir/to/patch


But I think that command applies to files that end as .patch, while on
the http://rcn-ee.net/deb/kernel/beagle/karmic/v2.6.31.5-x5.3/ website
there are only two .diff files. From where could I download the patch
for BeagleBoard for



Bad assumption... patch doesn't care what the extension is.. As long
as it can read it, it'll attempt to patch it..