[beagleboard] Kicad library for BeagleBone black headers

The image you've attached shows one of the headers in the original
Beaglebone. This is a multi-part component, so for each header you
have to insert Beaglebone component and change the part: A, B or C.
You can also change the parts in the browser by selecting from the
part chooser (on the right in the toolbar). I haven't had time to
update the library with BBBlack, but I'll try to do it over the
weekend. Until then you can use the the original BB component. I
believe there are no significant changes in header markings (please
correct me if I'm wrong).


One more comment: I see that you're using the library with parts from
Flyingbone. It contains a copy of all components used in the schematic
and is created by KiCad for portability. I'd suggest using the
Beaglebone library from the lib subdirectory. It contains only the
Beaglebone module.


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for (the lib directory).

I do believe the headers are the same… but don’t quote me.

Thank you for your help!