[beagleboard] lcd 4 cape: power button not operative?

Did you hold the button down for 10 seconds to initiate the power down process?


No, I just kept it pressed for few seconds.

So there is a delay of 10 secs to turn it on/off? I can turn it off, but it seems to power down the whole system, not just the LCD. Is this the expected behavior?

Then if I try to power on again I get nothing, even pressing more than 10 seconds (have to disconnect the 5V connector and plug it again)

Thanks a lot Gerald; would be great to have these info written somewhere, maybe on the wiki page of the cape?

Also, if I use ubuntu, is there a specific package with the drivers for the cape to download, or it works out of the box? (trying alternatives to the Angstrom distro).


Feel free to let the manufacturer of the board know! I have no objections to you doing that.


Thanks Gerald.

I’ve sent a mail to the manifacturer site, asking for some info to be added on the wiki (altho the reply is taking a bit of time, probably because many people were on vacation).

I’m aware of which model of LCD is used, so I can get pin and other technical details from their docs, but I can’t seem to find the driver package on their site. Hopefully someone from support will tell me the name of the drivers and where to get them.

This is all handled by the manufacturer. If the LCD is made by BeagleBoardToys, then I think all of them are already supported in the standard images.

I suggest that you look at the BeagleBone WIKI and see the images that are available. All of the LCDs from BeagleBoardToys are supported in the latest image.



I did, and seems that there is just the Armstrong image with the drivers already added to it.

If I want to make Angstrom from the source, or if I want to use Ubuntu, I cannot do it since in either case I can’t get the monitor to power up and function; having the drivers would allow me to run different solutions.

I have seen the cape3 (not the cape4) used with many different windows manager on youtube, so I assume that the drivers are out there somewhere. Altho I can’t find them, not even on the manufacturer site (which is BeagleBoardToys if I recall correctly).

Thanks Gerald!


The patches for the capes are at

The Beaglebone-3.2 branch should supports most capes.


Thanks Hieu!

Now I can finally try also the other distro :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity; are the 3, 4 and 7 LCD capes sharing the same component, so the drivers are the same? I am planning to get also a LCD7, so I was wondering if the driver would be the same.