[beagleboard] Linksprite TTL Camera

2.8V to the Beaglebone should work. I cannot answer as to whether 3.3V is good enough for the camera.

Maximum voltage to the expansion signals is 3.3V and as you say, those are measured to be 3.3V, so you are OK. Make sure you do not connect those signals before powering on the board! Or you could have another fried board.


Hi Gerald, thanks for your response.

I’m trying the Linksprite at 3.3V for now at a reduced Baud rate of 19200.
Using minicom I’m getting some data through but it’s pretty scrambled, is there any chance this could be due to the 3.3V supply?

Here’s an example of some data I’m receiving from the camera:

Wñ.infr í¢4.Wñ.infr í¢

In amongst the garbage there is something I was expecting - the string “infr”

The expected initialisation message upon the camera starting up is:

“Ctrl infr exist
User-defined sensor
Init end”

I’m hesitant to use the 5V supply after frying my board already but this might have to be my next step.
If I connect the camera to SYS-5V under USB power I measure 3.345V on the camera’s TXD.
Is there any danger of it being slightly over 3.3V?
Sorry for being so paranoid!

Many thanks,

You need to be 3.3V and not over the the 3.3V rail that the board uses.


Okay, so would 3.345V be too high or is there any tolerance?


Usually ± 10% is OK

I have used this camera and works perfectly with beaglebone. Maybe my script could help you https://github.com/maxpowel/JPEGCamera