BeagleBoard login message at sturtup

How can I cancel the ubuntu login message over /dev/ttyO2 after
startup ?

Do you want to eliminate the login altogether or just not print the banner?

I want to use the serial port of the BB but when I connect to the device that I want to communicate with it, when my device send any command , login service replies it so my code crash down. I found a solution, I editted the /etc/init/ttyO2.conf file so at startup it does not start for login but I dont know is it clearly ok

Yeap, removing it from the bootargs and the /etc/init/ttyXX.conf file
is ok for what you want to do. the only thing left would be to
disable the usart in x-loader and u-boot.bin.. but for you application
those as is should be fine..


What is the logic levels of the BB uart port? Is it different from standart RS232 port ? Can I connect the BB’s port directly to any microprocessor’ uart tx rx pins (like PIC family) without using a Max232 circuit ?

If the power supply for PIC or other micro controller is 3.3v u can
directly connect uart pins without using max 232. I have tried this with

It is +/- 5V.


As to the pins on the processor, they are all 1.8V and yes you can connect them to another processor if it handles 1.8V. The headers/connectors on a Beagle are +/-5V so no, you cannot connect them direct to any processor that I know of…


I have to disable the usage of ttyO2 serial port while booting process. Because when I reboot the beagleboard, from external device, that I connect to serail port of BB, gets data so it behaves as a keypad input then boot process stops. For every restart I disconnect the external device, so I do not to do this, How can I change the x-loader and u-boot.bin ?