Beagleboard login with <root> Enter key

Hi all, i have followed all default setup for booting up Beagle board
omap c2 version. i am using linux-minicom as a Host. At last it is
asking for login, when if type somthing (root <enter>) in keyboard it
is not appearing in the minicom or from the usb-keyboard which is
connected to board. Guys and idea whts the problem.

thanks in advance

the two most likely issues are:

  • are you using a high-speed USB hub instead of plugging in your keyboard directly (you should be) and
  • do you have the right serial cable?

Hi Jason kridner, first of all thanks for the replay, i will tell you
about wht setup i have.
i am using a null modem cable for pc to board connectivity with
minicom interface. and i have connected a usb 1.1 version keyboard
directly to usb port of omap beagle board and a dvi-D monitor thats
all i am using. I have followed guidelines according to
BeagleboardRevCValidation page (
wiki/BeagleboardRevCValidation). i got everything right untill
[ beagleboard login:
  Type root and <hit a ENTER Key>
here i am not able to enter any key (commands) either from board
keyboard or by pc (host) keyboard.
Do u have any idea wht might be the problem.


Hi all, i got the problem solved. seems minicom has problem, it was
not taking any keys from keyboard, now i am using gtkterm, it is
working fine for me. now able to give commands from host.


I had the same issue with minicom not taking my keystrokes. You have to make sure the minicom setup is correct. You can get complete instructions at the URL below, or see partial instructions I’ve posting below that. After following these, minicom works correctly. I think the key for me was turning off hardware flow control.

Minicom Setup I used for BeagleBone Black

host $ sudo minicom -s

having -s will prevent minicom from exiting abruptly if it encounter error upon invocation

  • Select serial port setup from the menu and press enter which will give you some options to change, type A to change the serial device, you likely want to set it to /dev/ttyS0 so it accesses your physical UART port though this may vary from PC to PC. You will also want to change any other settings appropriate for your board such as disabling hardware flow control, a typical setup for a Davinci/OMAP EVM should look like the following.

"sudo apt-get install gtkterm", fire it up, Configuration --> Port.
Configuration --> Save Configuration so it can be loaded next time gtkterm is launched.
It is a simple GUI which saves a lot of messing about.

I stopped using minicom when I discovered gtkterm almost 20 years ago. It allowed me to capture customers network data and take it away for closer analysis of problems like when a customer was suffering disconnects on a serial link between an IBM3705 Controller and terminals across the city and for admin and setup of Sun Enterprise servers.

I use it now as serial consoles to 2 ARM boxes at home.