[beagleboard] Memory issues and wi-fi issues in Beaglebone

Essentially, I bought a Beaglebone from Adafruit, and their RT based
wireless adapter. Followed their guide (Which was pretty much opkg
update, install firmware for card, setup connman, and reboot).


Wireless works sometimes, but only maybe 3/4th of the time on boot will it
show up. (Yes, on a solid 5v connection).

The unit runs out of memory sitting idle over night.. and pretty much locks

Often when troubleshooting wireless to figure out why its fallen off the
network, simply running 'iwconfig' will lock up and you lose console input.

We've done no code development on it, installed nothing but the firmware..
and the memory issues popup.

If you can boot from an SD card image that does not have the firmware
or other software required to run the Adafruit wireless adapter and
you don't connect the Adafruit wireless adapter, do you still see out of
memory conditions when doing similar activities over wired Ethernet?

I wouldn't rule out that a kernel module is doing something it
shouldn't be. Taking out anything you're adding and just running a
stock Bone with wired Ethernet should help to shake out if it's your
additions or not.