[beagleboard] monitor out of range + check USB using evtest


I am using a C4 Beagle board and Angstrom version 2.6.34 from
http://antipastohw.pbworks.com/w/page/27129517/BeagleTouch. The kernel
boots nicely and I can command it using my hyper terminal. However, I
still have two major problems.

First, I cannot use my DVI monitor for it. It is a W1952TE LG monitor.
It keeps giving me the “out of range” error. Its resolution is
1024x786. I have set the video arguments of my board using
Setenv dvimode “1024x786MR-16@60”.
I have also used lower resolutions and refresh rates; nothing works!

My second problem is with the usb port. I use a mini A to A usb cable,
I have soldered pin 4 and 6 of my mini usb, I use a self-power hub to
connect mouse and keyboard to my board and I have checked pin 1 of my
mini usb port and it is 6v, so it is on OTG mode! However, when I use
“evtest” to check the events from my mouse and keyboard, there is no
event4 or event2 in the /dev/input/ path, it just contains event0. Is
there something wrong with my USB connection? How can I check it
without event2 and event4?!!

I would really appreciate your helps.


Please somebody reply me, I am stuck at my monitor problem!