Beagleboard + MT9P031 -> FFMPEG

Hi, have anyone here used the mt9p031 camera sensor and captured the output in FFMPEG?

I have setup the pipeline with media-ctl and then got frame dumps with yavta, but I have not succesfully captured any video with FFMPEG, so anyone with experience of that? (Or with similar v4l2 sensor)

(The driver in question is the one from, and not the one from Aptina.)

Hi Robert,

I am trying to get the driver working as well. I am using the latest 3.2rc with patches from Media Linux tree for the camera interface and ISP fixes. I can get the camera to come up, mine’s /dev/video4 and use yavta to capture an image. However, when I convert the raw image into a bmp, all I have is black background with color streaks going across each frame.

Using ffmpeg or mplayer, I just get a green background.

Could you tell me which media-ctl and yavta commands you are using?

Thank you,