[beagleboard] need help with SD card image for Rev C5 Beagleboard

I'm trying to parse that statement, Koen.
There are numerous places in the documentation
where the instructions diverge for specific
board revisions. As one example, see the title
and text at the start of this page:


There seems to be an issue with X-loader on certain
revisions of the Beagleboard as well, necessitating
an update of X-loader. But most relevant to me is
this set of instructions, from here:


---------------//begin quoted instructions

Copy the following files on to MMC in the following order:

    MLO as MLO
    u-boot as u-boot.bin
    u-boot for flash as u-boot-f.bin
    ramdisk image as ramdisk.gz
    Kernel (uImage) as uImage.bin
    reset.scr as boot.scr
    x-loader image as x-load.bin.ift
    Regular script file as normal.scr

NOTE: If you don't want to flash the bootloader on NAND then copy Regular script
file as boot.scr

NOTE: If the board is a Rev C4, use the files located here
http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/demo/beagleboard/ instead of the ones listed

---------------//end quoted instructions

The first problem is that the filenames at the
angstrom-distribution site don't match those
given in the original list.

/rafe bustin

On Mon Jan 16 0:01 , Koen Kooi <koen@beagleboard.org> sent:

Hi gang, I finally have all the bits together to power up
my Beagleboard (purchased a few weeks ago from

The board is Rev. C5, but even if I were to treat it as C4,
things get really confusing in a hurry. Many of the
procedures for setting up an SD image are for Rev. C3
or earlier.

From a software point of view, /// all beagleboards are the same ///

(my emphasis)

And they are pretty much all wrong. I use the same (micro)sd card without problems on xM and non xM beagleboards.