[beagleboard] New project, Start with 4.4.x or 4.9.x Linux??

Hi all,

We're beginning a new project and will be using the new Ocatvo OSD3358-SM part. My question is quite simple, which kernel version to use, 4.4, 4.9 or 4.14. I know there are a thousand factors that could be considered, but generally with all things being equal, should we just jump to the 4.14 kernel and push forward. Only looking for general responses, no better/worse flames. We'll only need to modify a LCD dts for the display we'll be using and use existing UART, SPI and I2C overlays, so there are no real unique requirements of any of the kernels.

Ideas, comments, suggestions are all welcome.


if you need the project delivered this month: 4.9.x

If your fine waiting 3+ months: 4.14.x

I've opened the v4.14.x-bone branch early, and already running that
kernel on 4 of my devices:


At this point, they seem similar to v4.9.x, but it's still so early in
the v4.14.x-rcX cycle, there's always an odd gocha we hit in the first
few months..