[beagleboard] New to Beagleboard

On Thu Feb 2 20:41 , Nicky <nickypeh@gmail.com> sent:

Hi All,
I am very new for beagleboard. Just got my beagle board-xm. I am
wondering is there any IDE that I can use for beagleboard? As far as i
know, the task that we can do with the beagleboard is to boot it using
linux but any part from there, how can we make use of the other
hardware or peripheral?

Please help.


Hi Nicky -- this may not be the answer
you're looking for, and may be blasphemous
in the context of this list, but you may
be better off looking at something like
the Arduino platform for what you're
trying to do.

It's not ARM, nor is it Linux, but it's
super-easy to make simple hardware work
from an IDE. It is 100% open source,
and the hardware is very cheap.

There is of course the Eclipse IDE
which may/can be part of an Embedded
Linux development platform, but it
will involve a much steeper learning
curve than anything in the Arduino

/Rafe B.