[beagleboard] newbie : need help with not-working USB (EHCI)

Thx a lot!!! It's working now.

Best regards



can you share exactly which USB hub worked for you?
I 've tried connecting my USB keyboard to my revC3 beagleboard with no
success. I 've tried connecting the keyboard:

- directly to the EHCI port. THis fails as expected.
- through EHCI and a 7-port Digitus USB hub. This failed also.
- through the OSG port and a miniA adapter. Also fails. Is the OSG
port supposed to work in this scenario?

I am running out of ideas, any help is appreciated.
thanks in advance,

- Vasilis

I used usb hub 2.0 (high speed), never use the other speed of usb hub, it will not working on BB. The EHCI port cannot read any not-high speed device. I just try to any kind of usb hub, but there just the 2.0 are working.