GSoC pre-meeting report

Project Summary (* = primary mentor):

Project: Minix I2C drivers for the BeagleBone Black
Student: Thomas Cort (Heritage College in Canada) [tcort]
Mentors: Kees Jongenburger*, Ben Gras, Frans Meulenbroeks
Project page:

Project: Arduino for userspace Linux
Students: Anuj Deshpande (Pune Institute of Computer Technology in India) [hatguy_] and Parav Nagarsheth (Nirma University in India) [anujdeshpande]
Mentors: David Anders*, Matt Porter, Andrew Bradford, Luis Gustavo Lira
Project page: ???

Project: Android-based boot system
Student: Vlad Victor Ungureanu (Jacobs University Bremen Germany) [vvu]
Mentors: Vladimir Pantelic*, Tom King, Kees Jongenburger
Project page:

Project: Software Defined Peripherals: JTAG/Debug via PRU
Student: Jon Bailey
Mentors: Tom King*, Andrew Bradford, Pantelis Antoniou, Hunyue Yau, Matt Ranostay
Project page:

Project: IIO, ADC, PMIC, LCD debug/patchwork
Student: Zubair Lutfullah
Mentors: Greg Kroah-Hartman*, Koen Kooi, Vladimir Pantelic, Tom Rini, Laine Walker-Avina
Project page:

Project: Beagle-ROS
Student: Víctor Mayoral Vilches (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) [vmayoral]
Mentors: Koen Kooi*, Khem Raj
Project page:

Mentors-at-large: Derek Molloy (general BeagleBone), Mans Rullgard (ARM), Karim Yaghmour (Android)

Backup administrator (and all around amazing person): Cathy Wicks

I’ll verify during today’s meeting and update this accordingly and make a blog post.

IRC transcript: (note, future logs will be at


  • cwicks/jkridner to get hardware immediately to ZubairLK including BeagleBone Black and serial cable
  • jkridner to review overall hardware shipments with Cathy
  • All to review the pre-meeting summary at the bottom of this e-mail
  • All to read the introductions given by everyone in the transcript below
  • hatguy_ and anujdeshpande to provide a project page
  • jkridner to create blog post announcing project coding start
  • jkridner to send out list of housekeeping items for mentors

11:46 jkridner|work: good morning all (

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11:47 anujdeshpande: jkridner: thanks for the link
11:47 ZubairLK: Interesting. Good morning! :slight_smile:
11:48 ka6sox: jkridner|work, I think I forgot something on the hardware requests…
11:49 hatguy_: Morning :wink:
11:49 tcort: hello
11:51 ZubairLK: Has anybody received their hardware yet. Or the welcome pack even…? I’m still waiting…
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11:52 anujdeshpande: nope, on both accounts
11:52 bradfa: morning, channel
11:52 hatguy_: ZubairLK i think they are shipping it separately for everybody since we have slightly different requirements
11:52 ZubairLK: indeed. especially because of varying requirements as well…
11:53 hatguy_: as for the welcomepackage, i guess the gsoc mailing list might provide a clue :stuck_out_tongue:
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11:53 anujdeshpande: they have asked not to bother them about it till 21st June
11:56 prpplague: anujdeshpande / hatguy_ your hardware is coming from me, we had a delay on the bacon board production, we should have your items shipped tomorrow
11:57 prpplague: anujdeshpande / hatguy_ you should have plenty to research/do before getting the hardware
11:57 jkridner|work: ka6sox: can you review the spreadsheet and check?
11:57 hatguy_: prpplague: yes of course…
11:57 anujdeshpande: prpplague: sure thing. I have a xM so I can test on that.
11:58 jkridner|work: just sent a summary of the projects for this year’s GSoC to
11:58 hatguy_: i have a BBW here
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11:58 jkridner|work: please open that e-mail up and verify it for accuracy, reporting any discrepancies here and/or in reply to that e-mail.
11:59 vvu|Mobile: hello everybody!
11:59 ka6sox: let me see if I can find it…brb
11:59 av500: hiho
12:00 alan_o: waits patiently for the rapraprap of the gavel
12:00 hatguy_: jkridner: please allow a few days to get our project page up
12:01 jkridner|work: hi av500, alan_o, anujdeshpande, beng-nl, bradfa, dl9pf, ds2, hatguy_, jj2baile, joonglyul, ka6sox, keesj, koen, mdp, prpplague, SSC, tcort, Turl, vvu|Mobile and ZubairLK
12:01 ds2: Morning
12:01 tcort: hi
12:01 SSC: hi
12:01 keesj: Hi
12:01 joonglyul: hi
12:01 hatguy_: hi
12:01 dl9pf: hi
12:01 alan_o: morning
12:01 mdp: hi jkridner|work
12:01 anujdeshpande: hi
12:01 mdp: morning alan_o
12:01 ka6sox: hi
12:01 jkridner|work: hatguy_: oh? can you not make a page entry and update it later with the links to the blog?
12:01 mdp: and all
12:01 alan_o: hey bud :slight_smile:
12:02 jkridner|work: or blogs.
12:02 bradfa: howdy
12:02 ZubairLK: Hi
12:02 jkridner|work: notes that the e-mail is missing a couple of IRC IDs and universities… will fix that before making a blog post.
12:03 jj2baile: Gooday
12:03 jkridner|work: I know all but 1 or 2 of the IDs here. Can everyone give a one-liner intro to themselves?
12:04 hatguy_: jkridner: we can surely. but if it’s possible, we would like to setup a project page alongwith the repo, which could take a little time setting up. prpplague is trying to talk with the energia folks at the moment, though it might take a few days
12:04 jkridner|work: I’m Jason Kridner and I’m the GSoC administrator. I’m employed by TI and I work full-time to attract community developers to TI platforms. is both my work and my hobby.
12:04 anujdeshpande: hatguy_: we should get finalize that blog thing today itself with prpplague and set the project up by tomorrow. what say ?
12:05 jj2baile: Hi, Jonathan, I’m working on PRU jtag thingy. I’m a student in waterloo, canada.
12:05 anujdeshpande: hatguy_: we can just do that on prpplague’s fork for the time being
12:05 jj2baile: I’m jonathan * …
12:05 bradfa: Andrew Bradford, I develop the Cross Linux From Scratch embedded book, backup mentor for PRU JTAG and Arduino Userspace
12:05 ZubairLK: I’m Zubair Lutfullah. MSc. Embedded Systems Student at University of Leeds, UK. I’m working on the ADC drivers of the beaglebone black 3.8 kernel tree…
12:05 prpplague: is David Anders and is the Engineering Manager at Circuitco, manufacturers of the BeagleBoard projects and other open source platforms
12:06 mdp: Hi, I’m Matt Porter, a hobbyist…my interests are generally around kernel stuff and cool applications with beagle*…particularly beaglebone. I’m a co-mentor on the userspace arduino projects
12:06 tcort: I’m Thomas Cort, an Electronics Technology student at Heritage College in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. I’m going to be working on Minix drivers for the BeagleBone Black. This is my 4th GSoC.
12:06 ZubairLK: tcort: 4th GSoC! Impressive :slight_smile:
12:07 av500: I am Vladimir Pantelic, I work for Archos and I hang out in #beagle irc since a long time, I mentor “Android based boot”
12:07 hatguy_: I’m Parav Nagarsheth, working on the Userspace Arduino project with anujdeshpande and my mentor prpplague. I’m from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India.
12:07 anujdeshpande: Hi, Anuj here. I am a final year Computer Engineering student from PICT, India. I am going to be working with hatguy_ on the userspace arduino project under prpplague mdp bradfa
12:07 alan_o: is Alan Ott, an embedded systems consultant specializing in firmware, USB, low-power wireless, and the Linux kernel.
12:07 ka6sox: is Tom King, I work with Digital broadcasting and FPGAs I’m a mentor for Software Defined Peripherals and this is my first GSoC
12:07 keesj: Kees Jongenburger, embedded developer (Linux/Android) open source fanatic and currently employed at the VU where I am helping to port MINIX 3 to the ARM platforms (Mainly Beagleboard hardware).
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12:07 SSC: I’m Søren Steen Christensen, Located Denmark, Former TI guy (although some years back now). Have been working with OMAP (and derivatives) all the way from OMAP1 to OMAP4. Today running an OMAP+ consultant company
12:07 vvu|Mobile: im Vlad, student at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. 2nd year in Computer Science. Im going to work on Android Based Boot System for the BBB/BBW.
12:07 av500: SSC, welcome back!
12:07 joonglyul: Hi Joonglyul, I’m student in University of Texas at Dallas, USA. I am going to be working on beagle bone script project.
12:08 jkridner|work: vipulnayyar: everyone is giving 1-line intros of themselves.
12:08 SSC: av500: I have always been there
12:08 av500: :slight_smile:
12:08 SSC: just too much work to do
12:08 SSC: (un)fortunately
12:08 jkridner|work: vipulnayyar: I’ll send the transcript out on
12:09 ds2: is Hunyue Yau; kernel developer and hardware engineer. Mentored in prior GSoC. Available as a floating mentor as needed
12:09 jkridner|work: does not know dl9pf (though the nick looks familiar), joonglyul or vipulnayyar.
12:09 av500: applies a weak pulldown to ds2
12:09 jkridner|work: ds2: i put you down under PRU, though all mentors are MORE than welcome to provide input on all projects.
12:10 vipulnayyar: Hi, I’m Vipul, a Computer Engineering student studying in New Delhi. I’ll be working in GSOC with another organization. Just came here to hang out. Hope it’s alright, with everyone
12:10 mdp: plans to spy on the PRU stuff, in fact
12:10 ka6sox: plans on sucking mdp into the plan
12:10 alan_o: bitbanging?
12:11 bradfa: really fast!
12:11 av500: mdp: rpi PRU jealous?
12:11 mdp: ka6sox, as time allows…busy with starting up my new team
12:11 jkridner|work: vipulnayyar: definitely welcome. just nice to get to know each other.
12:11 ds2: jkridner|work: okay. I guess it is more of a float between that and maybe the android stuff if needed
12:11 ka6sox: mdp, understood
12:11 alan_o: ds2: so a double then
12:12 jkridner|work: also doesn’t know Turl
12:12 alan_o: covers his face
12:12 ds2: yep
12:13 jkridner|work: guess that is everyone introduced that is going to introduce themselves. next order of business… are all students in good contact with mentors and all mentors in good contact with students?
12:13 av500: is
12:13 jkridner|work: no need to feel bad if you haven’t had a good connection so far…
12:14 jkridner|work: but, we need to make corrections now if you don’t feel you already know each other a bit and are in good contact.
12:14 ka6sox: is
12:14 ZubairLK: yup. exchanged a few emails…
12:15 bradfa: I’m a little behind in making good contact
12:15 keesj: np here ( for the MINIX and Android Based boot)
12:15 jkridner|work: anujdeshpande, hatguy_, ZubairLK, tcort, vvu|Mobile, jj2baile: you all ready to hit the ground running?
12:15 jkridner|work: which student did I miss?
12:15 ka6sox: jj2baile,
12:15 vvu|Mobile: yep. started my code on linux and then port things to android. already have a BBB to experiment with.
12:16 jj2baile: jj2baile: Yep, I’m doing fine I think
12:16 jkridner|work: jj2baile: have you had time to get to know bradfa?
12:16 tcort: ready. the project page, blog, video, github repo, etc are all up and running. I’ve got my development environment setup and will be ready to begin coding on Monday.
12:16 ZubairLK: Don’t have any BB to start on it. Have started soaking in documentation/mailing lists/forums/code…
12:16 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: all’s well. reading up and documenting on the wiki. in touch with everyone on #userspace-arduino
12:16 jj2baile: jkridner|work: I have not spoken to bradfa very much lately. But we spoke during the project idea formation
12:16 bradfa: jkridner|work, jj2baile, we’ll work on it
12:16 jkridner|work: ZubairLK that is bringing us to the next order of business.
12:16 hatguy_: jkridner: yeah… we should be able to get everything setup in 2 days. and we have been independently researching our stuff…
12:17 bradfa: hatguy_, anujdeshpande, I’ll work on getting to know you two better, too
12:17 jkridner|work: bradfa, jj2baile: thanks. Let me know if I can help.
12:17 hatguy_: bradfa: sure, looking forward to it
12:17 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Will do!
12:17 jkridner|work: bradfa: oh, right, you are on both projects. :slight_smile:
12:18 jkridner|work: ah, it is vmayoral that i’m missing.
12:18 jkridner|work: koen: have you been in touch with vmayoral? can you confirm any additional mentoring help as well?
12:18 ZubairLK: Is Greg KH hidden behind some of these nick names?
12:18 jkridner|work: I know there was some good exchange via e-mail.
12:18 jkridner|work: none here.
12:18 jkridner|work: he’s usually gregkh.
12:19 ZubairLK: ok. must be busy i guess.
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12:19 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: Let me know if you are getting enough of his time. I know there are several alternate mentors on your project that should also be helping out.
12:19 av500: in any case, shout here for help
12:20 jkridner|work: +1
12:20 av500: any student
12:20 ZubairLK: I just saw the list of alternate mentors. I’ll bug em starting with koen :slight_smile:
12:20 jkridner|work: and in #beagle too
12:21 jkridner|work: k, on to the hardware stuff (that’ll be the last topic outside of any questions you might have)… I’ll follow-up with any doubts I had from this discussion off-IRC.
12:21 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: I was away last week so can’t really complain about greg’s time yet :). But I’m back on track now.
12:21 jkridner|work: Who needs hardware to start coding next week?
12:21 ZubairLK: I do…
12:22 jkridner|work: k. is just a BeagleBone Black enough to get started?
12:22 ZubairLK: Its debug work. I’m facing difficulty finding the problem. Before I start with the solution…
12:22 jkridner|work: I know there was a bigger list of hardware for your project.
12:22 ZubairLK: Yes, the LCD cape can wait.
12:22 ZubairLK: I need BB + adapter + serial cable + usb cable to get started.
12:23 ka6sox: jkridner|work, do we need to ask about cables or are they in there?
12:23 jkridner|work: k. power adapter should be optional, no?
12:23 jkridner|work: you need to ask about any cables outside of the USB cable that ships in the box.
12:24 jkridner|work: I assume most projects will need the serial cable.
12:24 koen: jkridner|work: I can confirm additional mentoring
12:25 ZubairLK: power adapter used to be neccesary for the xm. does the black work without it via the USB only?
12:25 jkridner|work: We know it takes a long time to get stuff to certain countries and we are already late—a problem we anticipated fixing this time around—but if near a TI office, we’ve found shipping to TI and then delivering to the student’s university (or having the student pick it up) can speed things along.
12:25 ZubairLK: I don’t have one lying around if thats the question… student in foreign uni. left my toys back in home country. :slight_smile:
12:25 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: it will run on USB power alone.
12:26 ZubairLK: great then. usb power works for starters. will only need it for the LCD cape later then.
12:26 ka6sox: is Dallas near any TI offices?
12:26 jkridner|work: Also, I may simply purchase from a local distributor and drop ship, since I don’t think Cathy has gotten all the boards shipped yet. There are worse things than having an extra board.
12:26 koen: ka6sox: near both TI dallas offices
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12:27 jkridner|work: anyone else blocked on hardware to start coding next week?
12:27 vvu|Mobile: jkridner|work: my board can wait. i already have one so if there is any urgent project ship there 1st and leave mine for last
12:27 jkridner|work: gregkh: thanks for joining. a transcript will be sent out to following the meeting.
12:28 gregkh: jkridner|work: thanks, sorry for the delay.
12:28 ZubairLK: gregkh: Hi :slight_smile:
12:28 hatguy_: jkridner|work it would be very nice if we could get a bot at #userspace-arduino.
12:29 jkridner|work: hmmm…
12:29 jkridner|work: vvu|Mobile: how have you setup your bot and where do you keep your logs?
12:29 jkridner|work: has bots, but not that reliable.
12:29 vvu|Mobile: i have a server at my dad s company and keep irssi there online
12:30 gregkh: ZubairLK: thanks for poking me about the meeting :slight_smile:
12:30 ZubairLK: gregkh: anytime
12:30 vvu|Mobile: not very very reliable but i can set up joining at #userspace-arduino and share them somehow
12:30 jkridner|work: hatguy_, anujdeshpande, prpplague: any reason you don’t collaborate here or in #beagle? I think many others would be interested in the activity.
12:30 Russ has joined (
12:30 jkridner|work: vvu|Mobile: couldn’t be any worse than BeagleBot.
12:31 jkridner|work: notices BeagleBot is down and reboots it
12:31 ka6sox: jkridner|work, I have a logging bot with public logs if you wish
12:31 vvu|Mobile: jkridner|work: 2morrow i will make it available. hatguy_ going to ping you with an url to see logs
12:31 anujdeshpande: we are usually on #userspace-arduino . I guess prpplague started that channel because there was a lot of interest for that initially …
12:31 prpplague: jkridner|work: we have about a dozen others that are doing work on the project as well
12:31 prpplague: jkridner|work: so we use that channel
12:32 mdp: jkridner|work, the SNR is usually pretty low on #beagle too … and can be tough to do focused work intertwined with 50 support requests
12:32 jkridner|work: is embarrassed that it requires taking down the web server for a few seconds to reboot BeagleBot
12:32 jkridner|work: ka6sox: would be great to have it around our channels.
12:32 mdp: ka6sox, PrismBot
12:32 jkridner|work: mdp: true. #beagle ain’t what it used to be as av500 likes to point out. :slight_smile:
12:32 hatguy_: vvu|Mobile, thanks… yeah me or anujdeshpande
12:33 av500: mdp: maybe if you had a spare rpi?
12:33 ka6sox: mdp, yup
12:33 mdp: sulks in the corner
12:34 mdp: jkridner|work, I’m not complaining…I think it’s just a fact of the huge number of people coming to the community with the release of BBB…so it’s high in support traffic is all
12:34 mdp: we’re not trying to hide on the other channel though…all are welcome
12:34 jkridner|work: just wanted to ask. you’ve already put up enough resistance. :slight_smile:
12:34 ka6sox: unless our group objects I’d like to develop here, in #beagle-gsoc to keep the SNR high
12:35 ds2: no objection.
12:35 mdp: jkridner|work, I’ll do whatever everybody else wants…I don’t care
12:35 jkridner|work: ka6sox: will be great once we have your logger. :slight_smile:
12:35 jkridner|work: k, any other questions for me?
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12:36 mdp: ka6sox, if it doesn’t have prism in the name I’ll be disappointed
12:36 ka6sox: iirc prismbot is taken
12:36 hatguy_: jkridner|work: do you know Tim Riker? he seems to be having a pretty good bot here
12:36 jkridner|work: koen: thanks for the reply on mentorship. is vmayoral reasonably available to you? can we encourage him to get on these IRC meetings for a few minutes?
12:37 jkridner|work: hatguy_: I do not know him.
12:37 prpplague: hatguy_: TimR is a little busy right now and would not have time to add to the bot
12:38 hatguy_: jkridner|work: oh alright. prpplague: ah i see…
12:38 jkridner|work: prpplague, hatguy_, anujdeshpande: I’ll wait to send out the blog post until you have a project page, since it sounds like that’ll happen in the next day or so.
12:39 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: yepp
12:39 vvu|Mobile: has never seen this channel so full
12:39 jkridner|work: At this point, I’ll wrap-up the official meeting so that no one feels tied down to the room. Transcript to be sent out momentarily as a reply to the pre-meeting e-mail.
12:40 ZubairLK: cool.
12:40 hatguy_: jkridner|work: yes that sounds good
12:40 jkridner|work: please feel free to follow-up with me on IRC, e-mail or even call me. ping me if you need my phone number.
12:41 ZubairLK: All right. formalities over. :slight_smile:
12:41 ZubairLK: Anybody here has experience with BB on ADC drivers… I wanted to ask a few quick questions…
12:42 SSC: go for it
12:42 Russ: ZubairLK, shoot
12:42 av500: dont ask to ask
12:42 ZubairLK: The processor has an 8 channel ADC. Can anyone point me where it splits between the touch screen and the adc
12:43 vvu|Mobile: keesj: what timezone are you?
12:43 tcort has left IRC (Quit: leaving)
12:43 Russ: what do you mean by “splits”
12:43 av500: vvu|Mobile: like mine
12:44 Russ: I think AN0 is XPUL, AIN1 is XNUR, AN2 is XPLL, AIN3 is YNLR
12:44 Russ: is that what you mean?
12:44 ZubairLK: The touchscreen controller uses ADCs. The ADC driver uses IIO. But I can’t see any reference to IIO in the touch screen driver.
12:45 ZubairLK: I’m talking about a software perspective on them.
12:45 vvu|Mobile: av500: thx for the info!
12:45 av500: Russ: XUL?
12:45 Russ: xul?
12:47 ZubairLK: I guess I need to rephrase the question a bit.
12:48 ZubairLK: how do the touchscreen drivers and the adc drivers mutually work on the same ADC. Do they know of each others existence. some flags? some common data structure?
12:49 vipulnayyar has left IRC (Quit: Leaving)
12:49 Russ: both of them use drivers/mfd/ti_am335x_tscadc.c
12:49 scoutcamper has joined (scoutcampe@nasadmin/webteam/scoutcamper)
12:50 ka6sox: morning scoutcamper
12:50 ZubairLK: Russ: thank-you for joining the link!
12:51 Turl: howdy jkridner|work
12:51 scoutcamper: where is that pesky logger
12:55 nslu2-log has joined (~nslu2-log@
12:56 ka6sox: yay!!!
12:57 alan_o: hi nslu2-log
13:00 scoutcamper:
13:00 scoutcamper: there you go :slight_smile:
13:01 SSC has left IRC (Quit: Page closed)
13:02 ka6sox: jkridner|work, jkridner:
13:02 ka6sox: can you add that to the /topic?
13:02 av500: prism has reached #beagle-gsoc
13:03 ka6sox: renames nslu2-log to prism-log
13:03 scoutcamper: hehehe
13:04 Russ: gives nslu2-log a cookie
13:04 Turl: what did I miss in here? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to read the logs I guess
13:05 ZubairLK: if someone uses a few buzz words, will someone have to go through the log? :stuck_out_tongue:
13:05 ka6sox: ZubairLK, probably
13:06 ZubairLK: lol… stuff like a ddos on a different scale comes to mind :stuck_out_tongue:
13:07 ka6sox: jkridner, jkridner|work:
13:08 ka6sox: for beagle
13:08 ka6sox: and there will be -prev’s for each
13:09 ka6sox: wonders if it will matter one bit to the trolls that they are being logged

Apologies for the delay