Beagle fans,

The machine hosting has changed. I'm expecting no disruption in service, but I am having a minor issue with the login function. So far, no one has actually tried to edit pages other than me, so I don't expect this to be an issue.

If you notice any funny behavior, please let me know.

Also, I believe that many people haven't visited - support yet. There is a link to - hardware, that gives a quick overview of the board that I took from The original has been updated multiple times since I made a copy. You may gain some useful insight by visiting the elinux page.


Some sources note that the beagle has a 3503 and others note that the
beagle has a 3530. My board report a 3530, so do I have the 2d/3d
accel core, and if yes, can it be used on the DVI and/or s-video port?
Related to that: how to I assign the image and video buffers to the
output ports from userspace?



All Beagle boards are populated with OMAP3530 devices. You do have 2D/
3D accelerators and they can output to DVI and/or S-video ports.

I don't have a board or code up in front of me, but there are entries
in /sys where you can echo "tv" or "lcd" for each of fb0, video0, and