Beagleboard peripherals question: portable speakers


I would like to use the BeagleBoard as a portable audio device. Size, quality and volume should be comparable to built-in laptop speakers. I have experimented a bit with off-the-shelf “mp3 mini speakers”. Some of them can be powered or recharged via an usb cabel, but the results were rather poor. Can anyone recommend any products or diy tutorials?


I’ve struggled with the same issue for use with an iPod Touch and have couple of suggestions

I focused on powered speakers (for sound volume and quality) and ones with their own rechargeable batteries (not USB powered which are quite common)

I have these two:both very decent sound quality for the size:

Altec Lansing iM227 - this is loud, cheap but a little bigger

This one is smaller, more expensive but quieter – JBL On Tour Micro

Either of these would be a great size to go with a BeagleBoard or Bone (with a USB audio device) as a portable audio device / internet streamer, etc I was looking at this application also