[beagleboard] Physical address of the Ethernet port on beagleboard-xm

You can use ifconfig command to check the ip address

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It is a USB port off of a USB HUB.


On the board, it's randomly generated on every bootup..

so parse 'dmesg' and find out...


Hi Praveen,

Robert is correct, it is randomly generated, every time you boot up the MAC address is different.

It is really annoying !!!

If you want your router to assign you a fixed IP address , you need a fixed MAC address , REALLY ANNOYING !!!

This is what I do , when my Beagleboard xm boots , I add the following lines to a script that runs at boot up time :

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether C6:00:25:73:A7:2A up
udhcpc -q

What this does is takes down the ethernet interface and brigs it up again with a fixed MAC address.
I add a rule to my router that assigns me a fixed IP address based on the MAC address C6:00:25:73:A7:2A.

This way, my beagleboard uses DHCP to obtain a IP address but always gets the same IP address which is what I want.

I am sure there are many ways to achieve the same result, but this is what I do.


hi ,
Is the mac is stable for next boot by changing with ifconfig command