beagleboard, pico, i2c - HOW?

What is the syntax for sending i2c commands from a beagleboard to a
PICO projector?

I assume it's possible to use Tera Term through the serial port on the
beagleboard to initiate these commands?

I've read something like:
root@beagleboard:~#bus3-i2c 0x1b wb4 0x08 0xf0000000

Is this applicable and if so, would someone break this down for me?

Where's the documentation for this!?

Doc's on the right...

all tools.

this was the script we called in the background for the python based gui.


Thanks for the links... Already knew about the programmers guide -
just clueless about beagle board syntax, linux, etc...

Can you provide a little more info on how to make use of the bb files
in the link above? I'm new to Linux and don't know what to do with

What is the 100khz i2c patch that's referred to in the youtube video?
Is this something that I need to copy to the SD card and run? If so,
how? How would I know if I already have it?

Thanks for the help!

Looks like the image I had originally used from the
site already has the i2c stuff added in...

I'm able to send i2c commands using the bus3-i2c command at a prompt
from the terminal (using tera term via rs232 on my laptop since I
don't have a hub to hook up a mouse and keyboard directly...)

BTW - I've found that by typing in just bus3-i2c at a prompt and
hitting enter will bring up the usage syntax...

The pico projector is at i2c address: 0x1b

... and the rest is the sub address as defined by the programmer's

I think this will keep me going for a while...