[beagleboard] problem booting from mmc without sd present

So once you have your debian system setup the way you want it..

First check the root partition with "df -h" .... are you over 1.7~1.8GB?

Next switch to:

run: sudo ./update.sh (or as root)

Next switch to:

run: sudo ./beaglebone-black-copy-microSD-to-eMMC.sh (or as root)

This will reformat eMMC (remove Angstrom) and transfer you active
system (microSD) to the eMMC.. Once the script is done, debian should
now reboot without any microSD card present..

btw: once you run this script, we use UUID's for the eMMC partition,
so you can still have a microSD card inserted (as long as it doesn't
have a uEnv.txt file with a uenvcmd variable enabled) and use it as a
secondary storage..