[beagleboard] problem in porting android on beagle board

hi ,
I am successfully ported angstrom on beagle board . On same board i
try to port android . I try
the link www.code.google.com/p/rowboat
i excute ./mkimage-reflash.sh and then excute ./mkimage-
android.sh.But beagle only one LED is on .The HDMI sreen nothing
I try alnernative method also,that is first i partitioned sd card in
to 2 fat32 and ext 3.I copy MLIO,u-boot.bin,uImage in to fat
32,android-donut.rootfstype.tar.gz2 in to ext3 partion . I set setargs
and set bootcmd and final i excute bootm 802000000.but i got same
result.After i try with sd card which i format for angstrom then board
3 LED on and work properly. Can any one one suggest any method in
order to boot beagle board

can you check boot address 0x80300000.