[beagleboard] Project status report request

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I was on vacation last week.

We have a basic map. We have it working in Irrlicht3d on the beagle. We are
currently working to get Ogre3d running on the beagle. The Ogre project has
switched from auto tools to cmake. We are going to get this to work with
Open Embedded so we can use a newer version of the Ogre repository.

Once we have Ogre compiled and running, I hope we will have a better idea
of what we want to use for a 3d engine.

We have sound working through OpenAL. Performance right now with Irrlicht
and OpenAL running together is not that great. We are looking at what we
can do to speed things up. There is another project to work on speeding
up Irrlicht on the beagle so we will be focusing on speeding up other
parts of the project for now.

I have been working on different ideas for controls. I can basically take
any kind of control and put it on USB. We will also take a look at putting
something on GPIO.

Of course our artist is working on making the empty map a bit more

David Batzle