[beagleboard] Rant

Ok. Here we go. I have been working on the BBB for going on two months.
Every thing is going fine with my development but I have hit so many walls
with this hardware I don't know what else to do.

Take a deep breath, and realize that just because something is there you
don't have to use it.

1. Why did they only put more 2GB of storage on this board? I can buy an
8GB SD card smaller than a dime for less than $10, they could have stuck at
least 8GB on there. I understand the Arduino that it was competing with
has like 16KB or something but can't we just kick it up a notch. Trying to
load anything beyond the stock install is near impossible when you only
have a few MB of free space. Or at the very least make the SD card slot
more reliable for storage.

The first BeagleBone had zero storage. I just ignore the on-board eMMC
and carry on using SD cards. And are you serious in thinking a $10 part
can be added to the BOM of a product that sells for $45 without a
*SIGNIFICANT* impact on the price?

Enjoy the lower price, more memory, and faster CPU, and forget the eMMC
if you want more space. Overall this is still a huge net win for the

2. Barring more space why can't we have more robust packages installed for
various languages. Python doesn't have any of the packages I need meaning
lengthy unstable builds.

3. Angstrom. Just Angstrom.

I have pretty much ignored Angstrom on both the BBW and the BBB other
than the initial "out-of-box" experience. On my BBW, after initial
power-on, I popped out the SD card, put it back in the box, and I don't
think I've touched it since. I did leave the eMMC on the 'Black,
however...no need to start pulling chips off the board. :slight_smile:

Those are some of the negatives I have noticed since I started. Has anyone
else experienced this? Or found solutions?

Been there, then pretty much instantly switched to Debian, which behaves
like "Linux" should, at least IMHO. :slight_smile: