[beagleboard] Re: 5v Power


Yes . When i connect USB OTG cable directly power comes , but the same problrm, only one LED ( PWR) will glow, and no other , and nothing on the Terminal.



I am also facing the same problem.
Even pressing the user button to boot from MMC fails.

When powered on, no messages appear on the minicom terminal and only one LED glows.

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jayaram: have you tried performing a recovery, see here: http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardRecovery

harish: you should at least get some “garbage” from the boot rom probing the serial line…

does this produce any output:

  1. make sure the serial cable is connected properly and isn’t broken
  2. run “od -tx1c /dev/ttyUSB0” (assuming this is the right serial file)
  3. hold down the USER button
  4. turn on the power the to BeagleBoard

If not, then your board looks like its dead…

harish: might also be worth double checking your serial comms options haven’t changed…


My minicom settings are perfect. I have 2 BB, where one is working fine.
The other one, when powered on, no messages on terminal, even pressing the user button and then powering on, the result is same.

May be if u provide some inputs, i can probe and check the voltage across capacitors or resistors, where it went wrong.

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